Latest mining rigs amp up difficulty to zone out competition

Cyber safety analyst, Matt C, highlighted the rising stress of the most recent mining rigs upon earlier generations of miners as hashing prices attain $0.07/kwh.

Evaluating the eight Miners displayed in Matt’s tweet, it’s clear to see the distinction in efficiency is sort of stark between the most recent 2022 gen rigs and former gen rigs.

As mining profitability wanes for older fashions – even into adverse figures – later 2022 fashions are amping up the problem to such an extent that they’re pushing the competitors totally out of the Bitcoin mining enterprise.

The Bitcoin (BTC) mining knowledge analytics offered by Luxor Mining, detailed that in a snapshot dated Nov. twenty first, mining problem was up by 0.96%. The crew later corrected this worth in a remark under stating that “the final problem adjustment was 0.51%, NOT 0.96%.”

Regardless of the correction required, the clear message inside the snapshot displayed confirmed that hashprice was starting to fall because of the rise in problem, and the lower in BTC worth — again in direction of the all-time low of round $54/PH/day.

At press time, hashprice has elevated because the Nov. twenty first snapshot and stands at roughly $58.07/PH/Day.

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