Bitcoin community reacts to former hedge fund manager Greg Foss’ criticism of Ordinals

Greg Foss blasted Bitcoin Journal for giving the stage to Udi Wertheimer and Eric Wall through the current Bitcoin Convention.

The previous hedge fund supervisor, now executive director at power firm Validus Energy, didn’t maintain again in blasting the pair over their current convention look.

Wertheimer and Wall, aka the Wizards, have been instrumental in driving Taproot innovation on the chain. Nonetheless, “laser-eyed” purists maintain that Bitcoin needs to be used just for financial transactions.

Foss drops a number of f-bombs

Bitcoin 2023 in Miami, which ended on May 20, had Wertheimer and Wall as panelists throughout “The Nice Ordinal Debate” phase. The pair have been dressed as wizards and “flossing” as a part of their argument for increasing the Bitcoin use case.

Throughout a Twitter Areas on the matter, Foss dropped an emotional response at their Bitcoin Miami look – shouting f-bombs, even stating the longer term technology is in jeopardy resulting from their antics.

“That Bitcoin Journal was a f*cking farce. Two f*cking fool wizards on stage. This isn’t a f*cking joke, individuals… Our f*cking kids are in danger, and we’ve acquired these two f*cking clowns on stage?”

Enterprise Growth Supervisor at Upstream Information Adam O mentioned, whether or not you agree with Foss or not, “ya gotta love the eagerness.”  He excused Foss’ emotional response as comprehensible, contemplating his need to flee fiat enslavement and the Wizards’ obvious mockery of that trigger.

Swan co-founder Yan Pritzker chimed in to clarify that Bitcoin has moved on from the 2013 magic web cash meme to develop into extra vital. He added that Wizard costumes and “performing like clowns” is inappropriate for “a very powerful motion of our technology.”

It isn’t the proper meme for 2023 with bitcoin as authorized tender, supporting power grids, and powering freedom protests.”

Foss later mentioned he in all probability shouldn’t be doing Twitter Areas when driving. He added that swearing was an outdated behavior from 30 years as a dealer. In closing, he prolonged his help for Ordinals, saying, “Bitcoin is larger than a coin.”

I like #freedom. I’m grateful for America and its values, and typically I swear, however that’s as a result of I care.

Do the Bitcoin Wizards have some extent?

Chatting with Crypto Journalist Laura Shin on the rise of the Wizards and the battle for the soul of Bitcoin, Wall defined that the laser-eyes have been those who developed Taproot within the first place – however got here undone having discovered no use case for it.

In response to the destructive sentiment, Wall defined that their pushback, together with flooding the convention with Wizards, stems from the hate they’re dealing with.

Investor Trevor.btc identified that, in a number of months, the Wizards have orange-pilled extra newcomers than the purists mixed ever have.

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